9 Sep

How Dave Helped John Lose Weight

Normally I only talk about those people I’ve met that have come through Indiana and want to share their story. I am making an exception because there is someone I want to take the time to give a shout out – his name is Dave Smith and he is an amazing personal trainer. He did not ask for this, nor did I meet him in Indiana – I found him over at his website, Make Your Body Work and he just knew exactly what I needed to lose weight.

I turned to Dave when I hit rock bottom in terms of my fitness and basically wrote him saying that I want to lose 10 pounds fast. Not only did I want to lose at an absolute least 10 pounds, I wanted to lose it quickly and Dave delivered on his results.


Dave Smith is a great guy that you can find in the KW area of Ontario, Canada constantly working to help others get into the shape they want. He’s great for those of us on the go and the people that think they don’t have as much time as they do – he showed me ways to easily eat better and fit more exercise into my life.

A cool story I also love sharing is Matthew McConaughey’s rapid weight loss story, you can find his interview here:

Overall, I just wanted to provide a shout out for someone that has helped me reclaim my fitness and get back into shape. Make Your Body Work is definitely a brand I would recommend. If you’re in the KW region, I’m sure Dave would be more than happy to meet in person. For those of us reaching out from across the globe, he was able to cater a personal plan just for me, with only ever connecting over Skype – absolutely amazing! And if you’re interested in checking out another great fitness resource, the Lifestyle Accountability Show is awesome too!